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Go the whole nine yards with our collection of stunning, handwoven 9 yards sarees. Whether you want to style them traditionally, or whether you want to try out experimental drapes, the extra length will be perfect.

Many cultures in India traditionally draped 7 yard to 11 yard sarees depending on occasion and social status. Come, join us in reclaiming the intangible culture of 9 yard drapes with your very own 9 yard saree!

Maheshwari sarees have a royal lineage and were traditionally woven in 9 yards length, in stunning colours, with silk in the warp and cotton in the weft. The ones in our 9 Yard Store keep that tradition alive. Skilfully handwoven, in breath-taking jewel shades, and with the delicate 'rui-phool' or cotton flower border with what is commonly referred to as a '100 ghar' width.

Presenting Geru, Maheshwari Silk Cotton in Nine Yards. 

Fabric: Silk Cotton

Colour: Ochre

Length including blouse: 9m

Blouse: Running blouse attached