Taste of Life

Taste of Life

This signature collection of summery, hand block printed, super soft cotton drapes takes inspiration from the Ugadi Pacchadi, traditionally made in Telugu households for the start of the new year- Ugadi.

Sweet- from sugarcane or jaggery, Sour- from tamarind water, Salty- from rock salt, Piquant- vagaru, as we call it in Telugu- from unripe mangoes, Heat- from black pepper, red pepper or chilli, and finally, Bitterness- from the neem flower.

The Pacchadi consists of these six different types of tastes- Shadruchulu, as they are called in Sanskrit and Telugu. When one tastes the Pacchadi, each one hits you a little bit, but the amalgam of flavours leads to the true experience of the philosophy behind the tradition- to accept the different flavours of life, and to make each experience your own. 

A definite #onceinawardrobe saree. Get yours now!


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