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SAREETONIN is a saree donation drive coordinated by Six Yards Plus. It was started as part of Daan Utsav 2021, and is now a regular feature at Six Yards Plus.

It is super simple

  • You send us gently used sarees or even damaged sarees. Please make sure they are clean and neatly folded before you send them to us. 
  • We check these sarees for defects and suitability for donation or for upcycling.
  • For every saree donated, we give you Rs. 500 as a voucher that can be redeemed on our website. There is no upper limit on this. If you donate 10 sarees and all of them are approved, you will receive a voucher for Rs. 5000.
  • You will be able to redeem these up to 30% of the value of your cart. You can redeem them over a period of 3 months from your donation.
  • The sarees you have donated will either go to Goonj for direct donation and further use, or to Shaktiism for upcycling.

As an ethical enterprise, we believe in doing everything we do with a conscience and with the underlying theme of sustainability. SAREETONIN brings both these ideas together in the best way possible.

Sarees which are gently used, and will not find any more wear with you can be donated to those in need. This will extend the life of the saree itself, keeping it from going into waste heaps and landfills, and simultaneously, it will help those that drape the sarees for their own work wear or occasion wear.

  • The earth smiles, because you are reducing the burden on it
  • Those draping your sarees smile because they have received something in kindness from you
  • YOU smile because when you do good, there is a rush of happy hormones called Seratonin. The SAREETONIN shots help too, we hope!

What’s that they say about Kindness being the new Cool?

Have sarees you would like to donate?

Please text 9949077784 or 

You can also contact us via this website, on Facebook or Instagram.