Mrinalini is a Company Secretary and an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. She has been a development professional for over 16 years working with non profits, social enterprise, CSR and the Government, and fundamentally believes in the power of business to do good.

She founded Six Yards Plus in 2017 when she realized that the number of women draping sarees around her was dwindling. Being someone who enjoyed draping sarees to work everyday, it seemed to Mrinalini that there was a glaring gap in the market to be filled with a no-nonsense, authentic saree brand that also made the saree experience fun, affordable and enjoyable.

Thus came about Six Yards Plus - a saree startup that operates at the cusp of culture, loom-craft and livelihoods, trying to get more women to drape more sarees, more often.

Passionate about everything to do with sarees and handlooms, she hopes to be able to create an enabling environment for women to drape sarees as a garment of choice.

The first thing that strikes you about Mrinalini is her absolute passion and honesty towards her business. There is an immense transparency in the way she herself functions and runs her business. She is empathetic and does everything in her power for her family and friends - has a warm heart beneath her tough exterior. She enjoys coffee, cooking and food in all forms as long as it is vegetarian and reading books (in particular, PG Wodehouse, JK Rowling and Terry Pratchett). She laughs her heart out at silly things, loves old Hindi songs and can’t stop herself from moving when she hears a great beat. She lives in Hyderabad with her husband, Surya and her two teenagers Abhimanyu and Anagha and practices Kathak because it keeps the madness of life in perspective.

She believes that we must #choosetochallenge our fundamental idea of workspaces that empower women. That we must change the rules so that we build on kindness, achievement, empathy and support systems rather than blind competitiveness and guilt. And she is super thrilled to have the opportunity to craft that change in her own small way, through #sixyardsplus.

To bring together a group of strong, hard working women with complimentary strengths for helping other wonderful women to experience the love and power of a saree that is thoughtfully made.




Sridevi started off as a loyal client and went on to become a partner with Six Yards Plus heading Design & Production for the company.

She loves her daughter and husband in that order. With Sridevi, what you see is what you get.

She loves Pizza with Pineapples and Jalapenos. Her go-to activity at all times is painting and drawing and her motto is “Life is too short to be complicated, so keep it simple”

Sridevi is very convivial and jovial. She reads the room and doesn’t take long to gel with a person. She has a PhD in Material Science, loves her subject and is extremely knowledgeable.

She is also a multilingual and can converse in atleast 5 languages.

Sri's #choosetochallenge is to say "No" to the constant negative voice of depression and recognize that even a tiny success is worthy of celebration.




Tejaswi heads the Operations and Retail Expansion and comes with an experience of 10+ years in hard core retail.

She loves books, music, her beagle and her husband in equal measure. Her list of things to do and learn (in life and at work) is ever expanding and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a people person, loves all shades of the colour violet and would kill for a great rasam!

We love that Tejasvi is the perpetual list maker. She’s super organized and amazingly warm and entertaining. She brings so much industry perspective with her and that adds tremendously to our ability to grow and scale. Oh, and her stand-up comic type anecdotes make lunch time so much fun!

/Here she is seen wearing a Pedana Kalamkari Saree from our Curated range./

She loves the saree because it is very her – simple, no-nonsense and extremely comfortable.

Tejasvi’s #choosetochallenge focus is in constantly unlearning and rewiring things that have drilled into us over time. She believes that asking “why” is an important point in today’s time and that privilege is only useful when it is used to help those who don’t have it.




Renuka handles our outlet in the Project Eve store at Hyderabad and does a phenomenal job with it.

She loves her daughter and has a good eye for fashion. Designing is her passion and her favourite colour is Pink.

Renuka is a soft spoken girl and her biggest attribute is her patience. She has an affable disposition and works with a smile on her face, always. She has a very positive attitude towards work and takes up challenges enthusiastically.

She makes #choosetochallenge a reality by taking joy in her work, and striving super hard to improve on everything she does, continuously. Quite the example to emulate!

/She is seen wearing the Cotton Modal Saree from the Colourplay Signature Collection in Maroon./

She likes the crochet trim on the saree and loves that it is very trendy and stylish.




She is our Production Executive and handles defect checking and general store upkeep.

She likes to cook for her family and be friendly and nice to everyone. Her favourite colour is white 🤍

Leela is a hardworking girl. She is a great mother and cares for her special child excellently while managing work at the same time. She also makes great coffee!

/Leela is wearing the Modal Cotton Saree from the Paisley Signature Collection in Blue./

She is the primary carer for her teen aged son with a learning disability. This made it really difficult for her to find a job. Yet, she makes #choosetochallenge a reality through her strong desire for independence and financial contribution to the family's income. But what inspires us the most is that she does all this with a smile, and no complaint. Strong women come in so many forms!




Kumari Aunty has been with us for a few months now. She helps us around the office space and helps keep the workplace organized.

She likes the colour white and loves to eat Biryani. She enjoys singing while she works. She is exuberant, very sportive and does things diligently.

/Kumari Aunty is wearing the Border Gollabhama Saree in Orange and Pink from our Curated range./

She loves the gollabhama motifs on the saree.

Kumari Aunty contributes to #choosetochallenge by striving to be independent in every manner, irrespective of her age. We find it inspirational that she seeks to help rather than be helped.




Saritha assists the Operations and the Production team and manages inventory efficiently.

Saritha is a big foodie and loves making reels on Instagram! Her favourite colour is Pink 💖

Saritha’s memory is impeccable and she has a great eye for detail. She doesn’t need to be told things a second time. She looks serious most of the time but is the inhouse mischief maker.

/She is seen wearing an Art Silk Organza Saree in Yellow from our Curated range./

She likes the saree as she feels it is suitable to her slender frame and is not too figure hugging. It is very comfortable and she likes the bright colour.

Currently awaiting counseling results for her Pharmacy course, Saritha makes #choosetochallenge a reality by keeping her sense of humor and her ambition intact while facing all her adversities with inspiring strength.




Anjali started working with us as a Sales Executive in our outlet at Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad and now handles the Operations and Inventory very ably.

She is a budding criminal lawyer & loves food made by her mother and adores her niece. She is passionate, independent and loves to travel. Her favourite colour is Red.

Anjali is a fast learner and is dependable. She has an eye for fashion and is the unofficial inhouse stylist at Six Yards Plus. We love that she is fiercely independent and yet very sensitive.

She lives out this year's theme, #choosetochallenge by setting her aspirations high, and following through with an incredible amount of hard work.

/She is wearing a Bhagalpur Slub Cotton Saree in Red from our Curated range./ She likes the saree because it is in her favourite colour and is very versatile in the way it can be draped.

PS: Love how she's styled herself for this shoot. With the whole pairing the saree with a fancy shirt and belt. Just wow!




Laxmi started out as an assistant and quickly took over the ropes to become the Assistant
Manager in Production. She is the backbone of Six Yards Plus.

She loves her husband – Prasad, stitching and is constantly on the lookout to learn new things. Her favourite colour is White and her favourite food is Biryani 🤍

Laxmi’s eye for detail is phenomenal. Her concern for others, ownership and accountability towards her work is inspiring. She is extremely soft spoken but is a task master!

/In frame she is seen wearing a Modal Cotton Saree from the Grapevine Signature Collection in Terracotta. She likes this saree as it is lightweight and doesn’t weigh her down while she is up and about./

With many family responsibilities and two young boys to bring up, she does her bit for #choosetochallenge by ensuring equal parenting, respect from all her family members for her work, and setting an example of an independent working mother to her boys.