About Us

The Saree

Sashay at a party.
Exude Power at a Board Meeting.
Negotiate that deal like a boss.
A Saree is as a Saree does.

Chill at home with a cuppa
Hang out with friends at your adda
Shopping karlo thodasa
A Saree is as a Saree does.

Lose yourself in its comfort
Wipe your brow with its softness
Swaddle your children in its warmth.
A Saree is as a Saree does.

Feel your mum’s presence in one of her sarees.
Embrace your mother in law in one of hers.
Pass on your love to your daughters to hold on to when you’re long gone.
A Saree is as a Saree does.

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Be an open book
Keep them guessing.
A Saree is as a Saree does.

Not traditional. Not modern. Not Strong. Not faint. Not Wise. Not Flippant. Not Sexy. Not Naughty.
Be any of these things. Or Not. Or all of them, when it catches your fancy. Because, well,
A Saree is as a Saree does.

Our mission

At Six Yards Plus, this is what drives our work.

Our mission is simple- to make the saree a part of every woman’s regular wardrobe choices.

To break out of the illusion that there is a certain way to drape a saree, that there are certain occasions for them, or a certain age to drape them.

We believe they liberate a woman like nothing else does (aside from the menstrual cup and the pill of course😉)

And this freedom of expression is what we celebrate!

We help women #gothewholesixyards, literally. Here’s what we do.

  • Saree ready? Pick from our wide range of artisanal sarees, blouses, blouse pieces and other accessories

  • Have something in mind that you can’t find? We’ll custom weave sarees for you and yours.

  • Want to start a young relative out on the saree journey? Interested, but not sure where to begin? Pick from our range of saree starter kits

  • Want to explore saree draping, or some of the wonderful artisanal traditions that go into making the sarees we bring you? Come over and join us for a workshop. Or even better, call us over.

  • Want to celebrate the saree? Contact us for some super fabulous ideas on how we can help

Because- well, A Saree is as a Saree does.