About Us

About Six Yards Plus

We are disrupting the way women perceive, consume and experience sarees. We believe that sarees are powerful, and are in keeping with what women of today want. They are:

  • connected to Indian culture- the motifs, the various styles of weaving and draping, all bring together tangible and intangible culture in a way that few other garments do
  • sustainable- they can be used for years together and across generations
  • versatile- are suited to any occasion - formal, informal and anything in between 
  • body positive- a saree doesn't judge you on size

As garments based in craft, they are also a large source of livelihoods and employment- second only to agriculture in India.


We operate at the cusp of culture, loom craft and livelihoods, working with over 300 artisans across 10 states of India.

  • 65% of the artisans we work with are women
  • 80% of them reside in rural areas and
  • 80% have an income of less than Rs. 20,000 a month.

Since we started in 2017, we have been able to increase the value of our orders to the extent of 25X in some weaving clusters, providing 200,000 hours of work and working with over 25 GI tagged/revival weaves.

We are women centric and are a 100% women owned and women run and incorporate sustainability in every aspect of the work we do.

Products and Services

We bring authentic handmade, sustainable sarees to the women of India in multiple ways, at any stage of their saree journey.

  • Exploring- buying sarees can be an overwhelming process sometimes. And also, there may not be time to make a special visit to purchase sarees for festive occasions or for everyday wear. This is where our ‘Saree Surprise’ comes in. It is a curated, personalized, never before saree experience. You just fill out a questionnaire, and beautiful, ready to drape sarees along with blouses and underskirt, arrives in a 100% sustainable packaging.
  • Buying- we have a long list of category wise weaves which can be bought off the shelf at our stores in Hyderabad, Bangalore or Delhi, or our website and leading ecommerce portals.
  • Reviving- Heritage sarees, sarees with a story, or simply sarees that make us feel good in them. We provide saree revival services where you can have old sarees from your wardrobe reinvented through authentic craft- we currently work with Cherial, Kalamkari and Pattachitra artists as well as with Lambani embroidery and other surface embellishment crafts. It increases the life of the saree, provides livelihoods to the artisans and of course, doubles your enjoyment of the saree. What’s not to love?
  • Gifting- it’s always tough to gift a saree because there are so many things to think about. But we make it really simple by putting together a beautiful weave box that ensures authentic, handwoven, heritage sarees can be gifted, whether or not one understands sarees and weaves.
  • Giving- we have had tremendous success with our campaign to collect saree donations helping those in need of clothes while preventing sarees from being sent to landfills. These are being donated and upcycled through our NGO partners.

Six Yards Plus is a 100% women owned and women run, ethical, transparent small business, working with crafts persons and weavers from across the country, while fundamentally changing the way women perceive, consume and experience sarees.