Six Yards Plus | She The People TV | Google | Colors
Small to Scale Journey of Traditional Businesses
She The People - December 15. 2021

“We are aiming to bring innovative tech first solutions to reach out to women at any stage in their saree journey, while building a strong, authentic supply chain and has been at the core of our work."

Mrinalini Shastry - Six Yards Plus.


Six Yards Plus | She The People TV | Google | Colors
Winners of the Digital Women Awards 2021
She The People - November 24. 2021

“Meet the Winners of the Digital Women Awards 2021: India’s biggest initiative for women entrepreneurs, the SheThePeople Digital Women Awards presented by Google and empowered by Colors announced its 2021 winners.

Mrinalini Shastry - Six Yards Plus."

Six Yards Plus | The National News
Modern Saree Styles: Casual with a chance of trainers
The National News - November 7. 2021

“Fellow handloom lover and sari enthusiast Mrinalini Shastry from Hyderabad launched a vibrant start-up called Six Yards Plus for women who are socially and environmentally conscious and looking for more versatile and long-lasting saris."

 Six Yards Plus | Hans India
Reviving a love for sarees
The Hans India - October, 2021

“.. we started this because we want to do everything around the sarees, we wanted to change the way that people perceive, consume and experience sarees, and we are all about the saree."



Six Yards Plus | Wow! Hyderabad | August 2021
The Whole Six Yards
Wow! Hyderabad - Aug. 2021

“a smart sari start-up bringing saris into the everyday life the Indian woman, through ethical, experiential and sustainable products and services, showcasing a range of over 50 weaves from across India"


Telangana Today | Six Yards Plus
'Six Yards Plus' breaking the saree stereotype
Telangana Today - 19th Jul. 2021

“We deal with ethical, experiential and sustainable products along with having artisanal and signature sarees. That does not mean that our sarees are boring in design, we aim to transform this simple Indian wear into an affordable, effortless one, and fun"



The Pioneer | Six Yards Plus
Drape your next look in bold!
The Pioneer - 7th Jul. 2021

"Can a small enterprise impact lifestyle, livelihoods, and loom craft, all at once? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ in the case of Six Yards Plus — a smart saree start-up bringing sarees into the everyday life of the Indian woman, through ethical, experiential, and sustainable products and services."


All about Eve | Six Yards Plus
Amazon Saheli: A Budding Platform For Women-Led Businesses
All About Eve - 24th Mar. 2021

"It provides a marketplace for women entrepreneurs in India to sell their products to a wider, untapped audience...

Brands like Six Yards Plus... offer some gorgeous handloom sarees.


Namasthe Telangana
We must tell the world about the greatness of the saree
Namasthe Telangana - 7th Mar. 2021

"Draping sarees to work and to everyday occasions will contribute so much to the handloom economy! It will help us experience our rich culture and make the saree aspirational for the next generation."


New Indian Express | Six Yards Plus
Sankranti in Hyderabad: Eight distinct weaves from Six Yards Plus
New Indian Express Indulge - 13th Jan. 2021

"Sari start-up in Hyderabad, Six Yards Plus, is celebrating Sankranti this year with a showcase of exquisite weaves from Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 

We reached out to the founder Mrinalini Shastry to understand the details of the weaves that can be fitting for the Sankranti season and even find a place in your wardrobe as heirloom treasures later."


Meet four women entrepreneurs helping women up their saree game
YourStory - 19th Sep. 2020

"Here are four women entrepreneurs who are bringing various weaves, colours, and patterns of sarees to the Indian and international market.

Mrinalini Shastry, Six Yards Plus. When draping a saree to work made her feel powerful, Mrinalini Shastry decided to start a brand that catered to urban working women in 2017."


ET Now
Making of the Indian Women Entrepreneur 
ET NOW - 21st Aug, 2020


How this woman entrepreneur is reviving a love for sarees 
YourStory - 14th Aug. 2020

"Six Yards Plus features Godavari, Ikkat, Gamcha, Shibori, Kalamkari, Kota, Maheshwari, Phulla, Ponduru, Jamdani, among many others. The sarees are available online on the company’s website, its flagship store in Hyderabad, and at Project Eve stores in Bengaluru and Hyderabad."


LBB Little Blue Book
This Saree Adda Got Us All Heart Eyed

"The adda curates sarees from different parts of India and some of them are designed in-house. Right from popular Uppada silk to the lesser-known (but stunning) Goan Kunbi pieces, there is a wide range for you to pick from. But hey, don't forget to chat with Mrinalini to know a thing or two about the history of these sarees."


Telangana Today
Drape it in your style 
Telangana Today - 20th Jul. 2018

"You can outgrow jeans, a dress, or even a skirt, but a sari is forever. Even after many years, you will find your sari as beautiful as the day you bought it."


The Hindu
Homogeneity in India doesnt work 
The Hindu - 16th Jul. 2018
"Nikaytaa Malhotra and Mrinalini Shastry talk of tapping into the sartorial styles of a sari and moulding it around fluidity, empowerment, cultural heritage and body positivity."