what if you had a saree genie?

what if the genie brought you authentic sarees from across the country that fit seamlessly (pun intended) into your lifestyle, your preferences and your busy schedule?

what if you could just open a bag and be drape ready?

presenting- the six yards plus saree surprise!

it’s super simple.

you come to our website, select the option you like- earthy, vibrant or festive.

you then answer a short, visual based questionnaire

you check out and chill 😊

a beautifully, sustainably packaged set of sarees will arrive carrying a set of sarees and blouses put together especially for you by our design team and the wide network of weavers and artisans who work with us! all the way from us to you, with lots and lots of love!

increasingly now, there is an interest in handlooms and traditional craft; there is an interest in the saree and the myriad styles of draping it; more and more young people have come to realise that the saree is actually in keeping with today’s sensibilities and priorities- it is sustainable, long lasting, can be recycled and allows us to express ourselves in so many ways! through the explosion of social media they are finding people to emulate and brands to follow.

but at the same time, the amount of information available about sarees- weaves, motifs, crafting techniques can be overwhelming, and can exhaust a potential saree enthusiast even before they begin!

equally, you may have heard of a certain saree, or maybe you’d like to try out a saree for work or casual wear to own your saree style, but you feel like you don’t have the time to put the whole look together.

there are so many scenarios where you could bring a saree into your life, but you don’t because it’s too complicated, too much of a hassle or simply just not worth your time.

this is where the saree surprise comes in

quite simply, at six yards plus, we bring our love for sarees, our understanding of weaves and our work with saree clusters across the country to you, through the saree surprise.

the saree surprise is a curated saree discovery experience that is customised to your preferences.

what does it contain?

there are three variants of the saree surprise- all of them include a combination of sarees, blouses and underskirts.

the earthy saree surprise, priced at rs. 3500- value of products included will be at least rs. 5000 this usually consists of two sarees and a blouse/ one saree and two blouses which will be cottons or cotton blends. the blouses will be basic silhouettes with no lining. it’s a great place to start!

the vibrant saree surprise, priced at rs. 5500- value of products included will be at least rs. 8000 these will also include two saree and a blouse/ two blouses and a saree, but the fabrics will typically be either silk cottons or rarer cotton weaves like the gollabhama or the kunbi. blouses will depend on the sarees that go into the saree surprise, but typically will be dressy cottons or basic silk cottons. this is ideal if you’ve got an event or a milestone, or if you’re gifting to someone, or would like to explore the lesser known weaves of india.

the festive saree surprise, priced at 10500- value of products included will be at least rs. 15000 this one will have at least one silk saree and a silk/cotton silk blouse along with either silk cotton/rare weaves/fun signature designs. great for a festive/occasion treat- we will ensure you are ready for the festival as far as your saree goes. fantastic for gifts too!

all saree surprise packaging is reusable- they come in a beautiful hand made saree bag and a mul cotton wrap, a wonderful fragrance sachet, a bookmark and collectible postcards about the weaves that are included in your saree surprise.

whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that the products in the saree surprise are great value. at mrp, the products included in your saree surprise would individually be priced at least 30% higher!

q.1 what is the saree surprise?

the six yards plus saree surprise is a fun way to explore and discover sarees from across the country. all you need to do is to share your preferences and budget with us. we will put together a personalised, specially curated set of sarees and blouses that can just be taken out of the bag and draped immediately!

q.2 how many items will i receive?

the number of items will change based on your preferences. but usually, it is two sarees with fall, picot and tassels all done, one blouse and at least one underskirt. the idea is to give you two looks at least.

q.3 can i choose what i receive?

the saree surprise is exactly that- a surprise! so you cannot choose a specific product. but there is a detailed questionnaire where we gather your preferences, and based on your responses, we put together something that is uniquely you! as you order more with us, we keep track of your preferences and saree history and send you new weaves, crafts and experiences!

q.4 can i choose the colour of the saree i want?

you can indicate the colour palette in the questionnaire, but the actual colours will be put together by our design team.

q.5 can i choose the type of saree i want?

you can let us know the feel and the fall as well as the fabric. also, if there are any specific weaves you have in mind, or those that you do not want, you could share those too with us. we will definitely try our best to keep these factors in mind

q.6 can i order for someone else? what if i don't know their measurements?

the saree surprise is perfect for gifting! you can definitely order for someone else. in case you cannot provide measurements or preferences, we indicate the default options that we will give. for example, if you cannot share a blouse size, that's absolutely fine. we can include blouse fabric instead.

q.7 are all the products handloom?

most of the products will be handwoven/handcrafted. for some types of sarees like satin or organza, handwoven options are not available. but every product will be labelled and described accurately. we will never represent a saree!

q.8 what is one saree, two looks?

one saree, two looks means exactly that. you will be able to style your saree in two different ways with the blouses we send across in the saree surprise. it could also be one blouse and two sarees. it all depends on your preferences that you share in your responses to our questionnaire.

q.9 can you do plus size blouses?

absolutely! you can indicate this in the questionnaire

q.10 what is the length of the saree?

saree lengths is usually 5.5 mtrs without blouse and 6.2 mtrs with blouse. and width is usually 43 to 45 inches. these parametres can sometimes change based on the weaving tradition in a particular cluster, but by and large these should hold good.

q.11 do you have any blouse models?

we take your broad preferences and send over something within those parameters, but suitable to the sarees we are sending you

q.12 can i buy with unstitched blouse?

yes. absolutely. you can indicate this in the questionnaire

q.13 if i order more than one box will i get the same sarees?

no. we track the saree surprise we put together very carefully, and every box you order will have different products.

q.14 what do i do once i have filled the questionnaire?

you simply check out and leave the hassle of putting together your look to us!

q.15 can we return or exchange?

you can absolutely exchange the parcel, but only if there is a defect in the products sent over. if they are as per the preferencecs you indicated, and are not defective, returns/exchange are not allowed

q.16 what payment options can i use?

all domestic and international payments are accepted

q.17. is cash on delivery available?

no. cod option is not available

q.18 can my billing and shipping address be different?

absolutely. and we can add little gift notes too, if you like!

q.19 where do you ship? can you ship to my country?

we ship all over india and internationallly. most serviceable pincodes/zipcodes are covered by our logistics partners

q.20 what are my duties and taxes?

all prices are inclusive of gst and shipping in india. for international shipping, amounts are claculated based on shipping address and weight of products automatically

q.21 how can i check the status of my order? is it possible to track my order?

we will send you periodic updates as we fulfil your order

q.22 how do i contact customer care?

you can drop us a line on hello@sixyardsplus.com for any queries about the saree surprise, or wa us on 6300841790


love how much attention you paid the little things! the saree surprise is all about love and sparkle! very happy with the quality and the type of sarees sent to me. the thoughtfulness across the board is impressive!

- Iyshu

living outside of india, the idea of a saree surprise intrigued me! the fact that all i need to do is fill up a simple questionnaire, and a beautiful set of sarees perfectly suited for me, ready to drape arrives at my doorstep was so convenient, and so different from anything i have ever seen!

- Radhika

thanks to six yards plus for the saree surprise product. we gave high level specifications and they curated a lovely combination. my wife and mom loved it. thank you mini and team!

- Vikram

6yp saree surprises... for those who love yourself. i was elated to be the first client of saree surprise and i received such beautiful maheshwari and chettinad cotton saree along with matching inskirts and stitched blouses. filling the questionnaire was so much fun .. similar to that of making a wish list of what i want!

- Jisha

living in us we miss all the festivities in india specially diwali. lat year was worse because of the pandemic. i decided to add a little cheer by gifting both, my parents and my in laws saris as a surprise for diwali. six yards plus did an awesome job of selecting the right wear for them based on my description of their likes. thank you for offering such an unmatched personalized experience!

- Gayatri