Cheriyal Chronicles

One of the exciting things that has been brewing is the translation of Cheriyal art onto stunning handwoven Maheshwari sarees. We collaborated with a traditional Cheriyal artist, Mr. Venkataramana to put together the concept of these sarees. Cheriyal painting is native to Telangana and is GI protected. Originally used in scroll painting for rustic story telling settings, the paintings have now evolved to being used in home decor, masks and as frameable art. We were fascinated by the vivid colours, stunning motifs and the beauty of the rural scenes portrayed in this art form, and wanted to bring these to our first love- sarees. There began a collaboration to create these beautiful pieces. Sarees handwoven in Maheshwar, hand painted with cheriyal art, embelished with delicate embroidery. These #sixypsignature series brings to you absolute heritage pieces. Get yours now!