Blended Cotton Induri Saree- Red
Blended Cotton Induri Saree- Red

Blended Cotton Induri Saree- Red

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Induri sarees are like Maheshwari sarees in their construction. Pure silk in the warp, pure cotton in the weft, with distinctive borders drawing from nature and the surrounding architecture. They are most often woven with a 'rui-phool' or 'cotton flower' motif in the border and usually carry vertical stripes in the body. 

Indore is under three hours from Maheshwar, and it is said that in the early days of weaving in Maheshwar, since Indore was the better known place, traders and weavers referred to these sarees as Induri sarees. The irony is that while Maheshwari sarees have now become quite well known, the earlier designs of Induri sarees are not very commonly found.

Make these your own. Soak in history. Feel like a queen. 


Product: Handwoven Induri Saree

Fabric: Cotton Blend

Colour: Red

Length: 5.5m

Blouse: No Blouse