The Floressence 'Aparajita' Weave Box (White)
The Floressence 'Aparajita' Weave Box (White)
The Floressence 'Aparajita' Weave Box (White)
The Floressence 'Aparajita' Weave Box (White)

The Floressence 'Aparajita' Weave Box (White)

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A throwback to the satin sarees from the 80s, these sarees are made from natural, eco-friendly fibres that are bio-degradable and responsibly produced. Floral motifs drawn from nature around us- aparajita, bougainvillea, radha manoharam, sada phuli and chamanthi, these sarees are designed in house at Six Yards Plus and created in collaboration with Liva Fluid Fashion, an initiative of the Aditya Birla Group . Bringing together our love for sustainability and for staying rooted, these sarees truly embody the spirit of Six Yards Plus.

The aparajita flower, that beautiful shell shaped blue flower is a big part of our lives. It seems to be the sudden rage in teas (doesn't that scintillating blue/purple just thrill you?), but it also a regular for offering to Lord Shiva. We love the beautiful plant that adorns so many urban gardens and makes living in this urban jungle just a little brighter and greener. 

And what can be better than combining these beautiful floral motifs with luxurious satin that slides over your skin, smooth, soft and cool? Want to make a statement this party season? Want to break away from what is perceived as tradition? Want to embrace a sustainable lifestyle? These are the sarees for you. Get yours now!

Product: Floressence Satin Saree with Aparajita Motifs- White

Fabric: Modal Satin

Colour: White with Blue Aparajita Floral Motifs

Length: 6.2 Metres

Blouse: Contrast Blouse, 1 Metre

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