Telia Motif Double Ikat - Cobalt Blue/Red Flower
Telia Motif Double Ikat - Cobalt Blue/Red Flower

Telia Motif Double Ikat - Cobalt Blue/Red Flower

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Ikat is a technique of resist dyeing yarn before fabric is woven. Based on a pre-conceived design, warp threads and weft threads are tied and dyed precisely so that while weaving, the desired patterns emerge.

The technique can be applied in the warp or in the weft, resulting in single Ikat sarees. When it is applied to both, the warp and the weft, the complexity and the need to be precise increases manifold. That is why, double Ikat is more laborious and more time consuming than single Ikat.

The motifs too determine how complicated the effort is. Fine, chequered patterns and multiple motifs as you see in these images below are the result of days of work in the most expert of hands.

These motifs are reminiscent of the famed Telia Rumals of yore- large squares of fabric, used more often than not as head gear, created using castor oil to create the resist, thus leading to the name. While these sarees do not use the technique, they are detailed and fine double ikats incorporating motifs from the Telia Rumal.

Woven in Koyyalagudem in Telangana, these sarees offer incredible contrasts in colour, striking motifs and an elegance that speaks for itself. One of those sarees that you will cherish and will pass on to your loved ones.

Product: Telia Double Ikat Saree in Cotton in Cobalt Blue with Red Diamond and Flower Motif 

Fabric: Cotton

Colour: Cobalt Blue with Red Pallu

Length: 6.5m

Blouse: Contrast Blouse attached