Think elegance, think comfort, think Ponduru.

As clichéd as it sounds, Ponduru saree is the epitome of all this and more. Handwoven from pure, hand-picked cotton, these sarees belong to a premium, indigenous class of fabrics called Hand Spun Hand Woven. Ponduru Hand Spun Hand Woven Sarees are a class apart and can be worn on any occasion.

Ponduru Hand Spun Hand Woven sarees are nothing but a labour of love. These sarees take their name from a village in the Srikakulam district of northern Andhra Pradesh. Ponduru village is, in fact, one of the only places where the single spindle charkha is used for spinning cotton to date. Ponduru handwoven sarees are trend setters in themselves and reflect upon the rich Andhra culture.

Spinning Labour and Love Together

Good quality Hand Spun Hand Woven cotton is made from two varieties of cotton: red and white. They are both processed alike and spun together giving the thread/yarn a characteristic off-white tint. An elaborate process of sorting, cleaning, slivering, refining and spinning goes behind creating a six-yard-plus (yes, we said it!) Ponduru Hand Spun Hand Woven saree. And the artisans of Ponduru treasure and take pride in their hand woven creations.

Here’s how Ponduru cotton sarees are traditionally made

  • Clean the cotton “bolls” using the jawbone of the river Godavari’s freshwater Valuga fish.
  • Separate seeds from the cleaned cotton with a wooden stick.
  • Refine the cotton using a nylon thread and bow in a process called “slivering”.
  • Card the cotton on a wooden machine and place the slivers in dried banana stems.
  • Using a charkha, spin different types of cotton in various ways to form fine off-white threads.
  • There are now less laborious methods to complete some of these processes and tools are used to reduce drudgery in production. However, production of the Ponduru saree is far more laborious than making any other handloom saree, since the yarn itself is hand spun and then hand woven. The speciality of a Ponduru handwoven saree is it’s uniqueness and authenticity.

    Pinnacle of Indian handweaving

    The Hand Spun Hand Woven sarees and clothing produced in the Ponduru village are associated with a Geographical Handloom Identification tag. Generations of committed artisans employ traditional weaving techniques to create these planet-friendly drapes of unparalleled quality Ponduru cotton sarees.

    The Six Yards Plus Ponduru collection blends the texture and comfort of pure cotton with summary colours and contrast borders attached using the ‘kuppadam’ or extra shuttle attachment technique to add a contemporary touch.

    So, stock up your work wardrobe with the finest Ponduru sarees from our online store.