Dazzle in the glory of the 80s and enjoy the ease of wearing a saree.

A fabric woven using a technique where the “Warp” or the lengthwise threads are dominating rather than the weft with minimum number of cross sections or interlacing. The weave plays a very important role in Satin Sarees is the distinctive feature that makes it stand out among other sarees. If the fabric of Satin Sarees is woven out of filaments like nylon, polyester or silk then it is called satin else it is called sateen if woven out of a fibre like cotton. Usually, satin is lustrous and has a glossy surface and when inverted, it looks dull.

Satin sarees can be worn at multiple occasions like; a party, cocktail evening or even a formal occasion, as they are very flashy in look and can light up the atmosphere of any function. Certified Liva Sarees, Satin sarees are also eco-friendly and long lasting. They are perfect for saree connoisseurs who’d like to pass it on to their coming generations.

What makes Satin a great piece to be collected?

The soft satin is a fabric which stretches and adapts to a person’s own bodily comfort. It looks amazingly gleaming and is available in dark as well as light shades. Wearing satin makes you look slimmer and enhances your best features. Because it is a moderately absorbent fabric, it holds body heat. Another great feature is that Satin is super smooth and you can totally feel the comfort dripping out.

Historical significance

The satin fabric was first dug up in a port city of China, Quanzhou. It was made from tiny and intricate strands of silk. The weave made it so famous that it was being exported all over the world in no time. It was because of the royal look and luxurious character of this fabric that by the 12th and 13th century, China was largely exporting satin to countries in Europe. The advent of technology furthers inudstrial growth and so it did with Satin, with the Industrial revolution and the advancement of technologies the fabric became readily available and the production cost reduced drastically.

Certified Sustainable Liva Sarees, Floressence Satin Sarees are made from natural and eco-friendly fibres. The floral motifs add up to the beauty of the 6 yards. The fabric and production makes it one of the most sustainable sarees around. At Six Yards Plus, you can buy and shop these beautiful pieces of art online.