A new face of elegance: Wear traditional silhouettes effortlessly.

Who doesn’t want a saree that is a reflection of themselves? A perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary Sarees is what makes up our range of ColorPlay. Giving you an expression of elegance through a sustainably produced range of Liva Sarees. In a generation where hand-me-downs from our mothers and grandmothers are the best apparel, we believe that collecting your own range of everlasting sarees is a bliss. Have you ever given a thought to what the idea behind a chanderi or Banarasi in our mother’s closet would have been? Passing on a piece of family heirloom is a world renowned way of staying connected to the coming generations.

Liva Sarees are a perfect weave of nature, style, softness, comfort, and sheen. They are made from natural cellulose fibres extracted from wood pulp. Liva Sarees are plant based and are inherently a more sustainable fabric than polyester or sometimes even cotton.. It’s mighty easy to drape one on and bedazzle everyone around you. They are a perfect blend for any season and work well in any occasion.

Sustainable Saree Brands

When the world is gravitating towards a more sustainable way of living, it is obvious that they’ll look for sustainable and natural fabrics. Brands across the country are focusing their energy on maintaining an eco-friendlier practices. Most of the Contemporary Saree Brands are focused on being more Sustainable Saree brands as well. The idea is to stay rooted while also keeping your clientele happy.

The shift in demand for long lasting 6 Yards has pushed us to lean towards a range of Handcrafted Sarees Online. Adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle is effort personified. The best way to embrace your sartorial choices is to be selective while buying and choose valuable pieces instead of trying to increase the number of sarees in your wardrobe.

Our range of Liva Sarees are sustainably produced cotton modal fabrics, bordered with handmade crochet from Narsapur in Andhra Pradesh. Thin borders are a thing of the present and look very chic. With that in mind, we have specially created a range of solid-colored Sarees for every occasion in an attempt to provide you with something more eco-friendly and sustainable.

We believe in bringing the best to you without burning a hole in your pockets. You can buy, shop online from our site and reinvent your wardrobe. Look it up to know more.