Kunbi Saree | Maroon
Kunbi Saree | Maroon

Kunbi Saree | Maroon

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Goa. The name makes you think of beaches and vacations and all things beautiful. But not many associate weaving with the state. However, the Kunbi sarees from the state have survived colonialism over centuries, changes in preferences and patterns, proliferation of alternatives, both in design and in fabric. Supported by a weaving revival initiative launched by Government and Non Government organisations, the handwoven, authentic Kunbi sarees are now more easily available, and Six Yards Plus is proud to bring these stunning sarees to you. The chequered pattern, the use of red in every single alternative as well as the flower and cross motifs on the border, all carry stories within them. Do you hear them when the saree quietly rustles around you?

Product: Kunbi Saree
Fabric: Cotton
Colour: Maroon Checks
Blouse: No Blouse