Mangalagiri literally means 'auspicious hill'. And from this temple town in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, we are proud to bring you these handwoven beauties. Understated design and high on elegance, these sarees are perfect for work or for occasions.

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Celebrating the auspiciousness of Andhra’s Mangalagiri.

What are Mangalagiri Sarees?

Mangalagiri fabric is usually produced through weaving using pit looms from combed yarn through a process of warp and weft interlacing. The Nizam borders with zari thread and plain body are the characteristics that make Mangalagiri handloom sarees stand out. Traditionally, mangalagiri sarees are woven from pure cotton and a mangalagiri saree has a long life.

Mangalagiri sarees originated in a town called ‘Mangalagiri’ in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. Mangalagiri handloom sarees/Mangalagiri Pattu Sarees are a unique variety of saree and are woven from cotton and silk cotton combinations. The most distinctive characteristic feature of a mangalagiri saree is its Zari. Mangalagiri sarees have intricate borders that are usually woven in fine Zari, making it the preferred occasion-wear saree.

What are Mangalagiri Sarees known for?

These sarees are famously known for the quality of their weave and the extraordinary methods of creation. Mangalagiri cottons are a fine example of soft, smooth, finely woven cotton fabric that has stood the test of time. They are great picks for anyone who likes a good 6 yard adorned.

What makes a Mangalagiri Unique and vastly loved?

The fabric is an experimentation with colours and is phenomenal with basic designs. This gave a new meaning to a saree with thrilling combinations of light pink with magenta border, or maroon with mustard stripes catering to the imagination of the connoisseurs. Their Nizam border is a trademark to the Mangalagiri variety of handlooms. The buying point is the pleasing kaleidoscopic effects in shades like; greenish yellow, sunset orange, deep yellow.

Mangalagiri Silk Cotton sarees are great for special occasions like; weddings and religious festivals, among others. The weave of the silk is just as rich and fine. These Sarees are usually found in luscious colours such as; green, mustard, red and pink.

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