Gond Painting Workshop

29 Feb 2020

What a way to spend #leapday2020.

At Six Yards Plus, we strongly believe in the idea of coming together and understanding our sarees and the crafts surrounding them.

#6yplearningseries workshops are all about doing things that we would normally just buy, so we develop an appreciation for the art form, and the hardwork and patience it takes, to make something so beautiful.

The first of these this year was a #gondart workshop in collaboration with @bloom_and_grow_india . Super fun, organized really well by @bluefire_art, the laughter, the banter, the coffee and of course, the deep concentration required for completing the unique #blousepiece made the leap day weekend truly special!!!

1. The supplies for the Gond workshop!

2. Some of the finished artwork!

3. The participants at the 6YP Saree Adda!


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