The BEST Mother's Day yet!

Being an entrepreneur is an everyday challenge.

From small decisions to big ones, taking risks, pouring in savings, time and effort into something because you believe in it, facing criticism, being trivialised, building and nurturing a team, trying to be a sensitive employer and a transparent, ethical business that cares about the people it works with, says what it does and does what it says.

Doing all this has meant 18 hour working days, many of them on my feet, practically no weekends and absolutely no boundaries between work and home.

And it feels great for this to be acknowledged. WEAIM and Million Moms organised an beautiful event to recognise mothers who are entrepreneurs, this Mother's Day.

The best part was that the memento was given by the children of the entrepreneur. That feeling was so so wonderful!

Many thanks to them!

Here's to the best Mother's Day yet 🥰

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