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At Six Yards Plus, our mission is simple- MORE WOMEN. MORE SAREES. MORE OFTEN

Sarees have always been versatile, multi-purpose, truly up-cyclable and long lasting. Whether one is 18 or 80, the elegance of a saree remains unmatched for all shapes and sizes of women. It is a faithful companion, seeing a woman through all the important milestones of her life.

Now, more than ever, it’s easy to style a saree- you don’t need matching blouses, crop tops paired with sarees are all the rage, it doesn’t matter that your drape is not traditional, it’s very much open to interpretation. And now, more than ever, there is an increase in interest in traditional crafts and weaves.

And yet, in our conversations with women in their 20s and 30s independent and multi-tasking, it comes across that draping a saree is not something they consider doing because they perceive that they are too busy, that they are overwhelmed by the buying experience, that there’s too much paraphernalia around the saree or that it’s just not worth the hassle.

One of the biggest barriers is of course that many women feel that they do not know how to drape a saree, or do not feel secure enough in their draping to take the saree to work, or casual occasions. That’s where the Six Yards Plus INSTANT Saree comes in.

Wrap. Hook. Flip.

There are many things that can be hard about adulting. Sareeing need not be one of them.

That is why, we present to you, the INSTANT SAREE. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Wrap- You wrap the skirt around your waist
  2. Hook- You secure it with inner and outer hooks
  3. Flip-You flip the pallu over your shoulder

That’s it. Even before you can say ‘Ma, help me with these saree pleats’ you’re done, and ready to slay.

It’s free size, accommodating waist sizes 23 to 39. The beauty of the saree comes from the fact that it doesn't limit you to a size. We tried really hard to accommodate a wide size range and are really happy with the results. 

It comes with its own lining, so doesn’t require an underskirt.

Pair it with a T Shirt, a crop top, a bralette or even a tailored blouse- whatever your mood is, and you’re ready to go!

Six Yards Plus has always been about MORE women. MORE sarees. MORE often. And we have constantly innovated to create products and services that will help more and more women access the beauty and the power that the saree offers.

This is all we want to do- to make sarees fun and interesting to own and drape and to take the hassle out of putting together a saree look. To help you chart your own saree journey- discover what you like, to try out weaves and drapes and find a comfort zone and maybe even try to go beyond that so that they can truly experience the power and elegance of the saree over conversations, consultations and experience.

So go on, give the INSTANT Saree a try!

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